About Skin care: For dry skin. Lotions, creams, soap and scrubs. Make your own natural, organic cosmetics.: Health & Beauty. by Nora Robson:

Often people think that creating your own homemade cosmetics is a time-consuming and complicated process. In the modern world, we find convenience everywhere we turn and can easily find a wide variety of store-bought products. However, the problem is that few people actually question the ingredients inside the products themselves. Nowadays, it’s so hard to find natural cosmetics in stores because everything that we find is usually mass-produced and is meant to have a long shelf life. As a result, there are often harmful, unnecessary ingredients in store-bought skin care product that can cause short-term or long-term problems. Creating your own health care products not only eliminates the concern about what ingredients you are putting on your skin but also adds a personalized, original touch to your creations.

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Author Bio:
Nora (born August 11, 1980) is a nutritionist. She is a known person for her desire to help people.These recipes were developed by N. Robson, nutritionist who has excellent experience with tasting all her recipes on her own. Only after that, in 2000 Nora started to create the new way of dieting for her patients. Nora knows natural way of solving this common problem for many people in the world. She knows a lot about probiotics and new ways in the dieting. She had spent much time exploring this important theme. Robson created healthy probiotic diet recipes that cure digestive system based on her own experience and tests. She learned probiotics very well so inside this book you are not going to learn Probiotics. She reached the main sources of probiotics foods, a list of the healthiest probiotic products that are desirable to use and will learn extremely tasty and curative probiotic diet recipesShe has explored important rules and tips that make your digestive system smile) because you will find great solution in this purifying probiotic diet.

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