Not your typical makeup remover cloth.

The reusable way to clean your face more effectively but without harsh chemicals.

  • Benefits:
    • Remove makeup, oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells!
    • Machine washable. Does not pill.
    • Our special weaved makeup eraser cloth can exfoliate too, unlike other brands and it won’t leave fluff residue!
    • Travel friendly – dries overnight and ready to pack, no more mildew smells.
    • Use with or without a cleanser or carry around for touch-ups during the day.
    • For all skin types: Rosacea, acne, sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin.
    • Save money and the environment versus eye makeup remover pads or makeup removing wipes.
    • Uses:

      • Everyday face cleaning for everyone in the household
      • Exfoliation
      • Makeup removal
      • For dance performers
      • For kids face paint removal


      • Never use dry.
      • Wet cloth with warm water, slightly ring out, then lightly wipe eye makeup off.
      • Use reverse side of cloth to cleanse the rest of your face.
      • Optional, you may use your regular facial cleanser in combination, or use the cloth on its own.
      • For waterproof mascara, we recommend applying 100% Jojoba oil first sweeping across lashes, then wipe with cloth to remove oil/mascara.
      • Use face cloth in a light circular motion to exfoliate dry skin spots. Be gentle, never use a rough scrubbing motion. Exfoliate face only, never eyes.

      Washing Instructions:

      • After each use, wash cloth with a little hand soap rubbing cloth against itself until water runs clear, ring out, hang to dry. This will help prevent stains. Some soaps work better than others (bar soap works best!).
      • Reuse 2-3 times then throw in the wash.

      Note that screen colors my vary from actual product color.

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