We all tend to have our favorite skin care products at home but do we still enjoy the same high quality cosmetics even when we are away? Why do we have to compromise on our skin’s wellbeing when travelling?

Why risk your precious cosmetics to be taken away by the airport security as they were larger than the prescribed sizes, leading to a waste of money and nothing to care for your skin during your trip?

A lack of time, a change of environment, maybe change of diet, not drinking enough water or using inferior cosmetics to what you are used to, will stress out your skin which might break it out or dry it out.

Just because you are limited in space of your carry-on, you can still enjoy quality and luxury. Your beautiful looks must stand out during your business trip or vacation. The basic cleansing, toning and moisturising steps have to be carried out using the best cruelty-free skin care products without harmful or irritating ingredients.

Cardea Luxe Just thought about the busy lifestyle that you lead and developed the travel size versions of its Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer containing all the goodness of natural and organic-based ingredients in handy compact sizes that are easy to carry.

Cardea Luxe put a lot of love and dedication when developing its travel pouch to give you pleasure every time you zip it open and enjoy that luxury quilted feel that will continue protecting your cosmetics or any small items you decide to store in it long after the travel size care products are finished.

If travelling is not in your plans right now, the Cardea Luxe Travel kit makes a lovely gift that is definitely appreciated by those who are constantly on the go and anyone who really wants to care for their skin using the finest natural and organic ingredients on the market.

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